Where are Your photos?

November is a difficult month for me with regards to family. I love so much about this month but it is with mixed emotions.

Early this month I lost my beloved golden retriever, Marley.  She was only five years old and died unexpectantly. She was my walking partner as well as my constant companion. She was wonderful! I miss her a great deal.


It is also typical that my sister hosts and annual “girls getaway” in November. It is an opportunity to gather with my sisters and our “girl only” relatives. It is a weekend of memories, crafting, shopping and eating. I was able to join them this year and won our pj contest!

pj_contest_winners                 craft_table_girls_weekend

November is also the month of my father’s birthday. Unfortunately he is no longer with me to share in that event. My memories and love of my father provide me with strength as I make difficult decisions in my life. Honesty and integrity were values that he instilled in me.


Of course there is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. When my parents were alive, this holiday was celebrated in their home with almost all my family present. It was typical to have a 24 pound turkey and all the fixings. One year we traveled to my cousin’s home and celebrated with my cousins as well. It was an amazing time.


Then there is today. Six years ago, I lost my mother. She had not been ill but had taken a fall and hit her head. Another unexpected loss. It left a hole in our family traditions when my mother died. She was our matriarch, she was our glue…a lot has changed since then.


I share all of this with you because it is important to me but also because it should be important to you to get your photos off your computer/phone and place them around your home or into a story book. These are the stories of our lives that need to be remembered and shared with others today and in the future.

Thank you for listening/reading….Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Beth Lovejoy, photographer

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