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Do you want to capture the beauty of your Christmas tree?

Christmas is an opportunity for so many beautiful images. It is often difficult to capture the true beauty of your tree due to the various lights and ornaments that affect your image. Here is a step by step method to help you ensure that this year is different. http://www.colorvaleactions.com/blog/how-to-photograph-a-christmas-tree/ Mary Beth Lovejoy, photographer Lovejoy Photography […]

Follow-up…Making your holiday photos pop!

Wanted to share this as a follow up to my previous post regarding holiday photography… http://letslassothemoon.com/2013/12/05/christmas-tree-pictures Mary Beth Lovejoy, photographer Lovejoy Photography and Heritage Maker 315.74.0506 or 585.348.7380 marybeth@lovejoy-photography.com lovejoy-photography.com

What your photographer needs to know….part one

Just how unique is your venue for your ceremony? You may need to ask your representative from the venue if there are special and/or quirky nuances about your venue. For example, are there special lighting issues? Is flash photography allowed? Are there places within the venue that the photographer is not allowed? It is important […]