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Did You Know We Are In Proposal Season?

  Make your partner’s search for the perfect ring that much easier by learning how to drop the right clues. Show Your Partner a Picture ​Who it works for: The bold and brazen. You know exactly what you want, without a doubt. How to do it: Find clever ways to show your partner a picture […]

Does the Bride Enjoy Wine?

Here’s to celebrating your best friend’s upcoming wedding and your mutual love for wine. PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES If your bride-to-be BFF is allergic to bridal-shower party games, why not put a boozy twist on the tradition and throw a wine-tasting party instead? Whether her wedding will be at a vineyard (or she’s just seriously […]

The Wedding Planning Process Can Be Exhilarating, Fun, Frustrating, Tiring—and ?

The wedding planning process can be exhilarating, fun, frustrating, tiring—and sometimes, seriously awkward. For example, how do you tell your niece that she can’t bring her on-again, off-again boyfriend? What’s the best way to explain you’d rather have cash than, say, a fondue set? Luckily, we’ve got the answers. Read on for tricks that’ll get […]