Recently Engaged? Where Should You Have Your Engagement Photos Taken?

Congratulations on your engagement! The upcoming months of planning your wedding you are going to be making a lot of decisions. Let’s start by deciding where to have your engagement photography taken.

Choosing a location for your engagement picture is clearly a personal choice.

Will you have it done during the day? Sunrise? Sunset?

Looking for just a beautiful backdrop?

How about a location with a significant meaning?

Where you became engaged?

A favorite spot of you and your fiance?

A location with meaning to you and/or your fiance’s family?

Perhaps at home?

Maybe a few of these locations.

Whatever you decide, having engagement photos is a good way to “try-out” a photographer you may be interested in working with for your wedding, an interview of sorts.

This is a good way to see how your personalities work together. You can get a feel for the photographer style. Are they more traditional? Are they willing to work with you to risk a shot that may or may not work out? Are they fun? At least you will have been able to make an informed decision regarding that particular photographer!

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