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Change in Focus-My Journey in Photography-episode 6-part 1

All Aboard!  This was an amazing adventure…train trip across our country! The first part of this adventure is about the actual train ride. I boarded the train in Rochester, NY and departed in Salt Lake City, Utah. One thing to remember about train travel is that you are responsible for carrying/moving your own luggage…pack accordingly! […]

Change in Focus – My Journey in Photography, episode 4

Venturing Out on My Own By 2013, I had decided if I was going to see this country I was going to need to venture out on my own and so it began! It started with a trip down the east coast. I started by visiting my sister’s new home in Deleware. (Bethany Beach)…we spent […]

Change in Focus – My Journey in Photography, episode 1

Over the past couple of years we have experienced many changes in our lives. We have had time to reflect on our work, families, experiences and health. As for me, my photography has been one of those things I have reflected on, hence convincing me to change my focus. My love of photography started by […]

Change in Focus

The past few years have been difficult for many of you, CoVid 19 has kept me from traveling as much as I would like. I have also recently been diagnosed with Rhuemetoid Arthritis. In my case it is affecting my hands and wrists. As you can image, this has a significant impact on my ability […]