Is Your Wedding Unplugged?

With just about everyone having a smart phone, or at least, a digital camera these days, the idea of having an “unplugged” wedding is definitely something you might want to consider.

What is an unplugged wedding? It’s a wedding where the couple request, either in print or in a pre-ceremony announcement, that their guests put their cameras down, be fully present, and enjoy the wedding. Some couples opt to ask their guests to keep their cameras away for the whole day; others make that request only for the ceremony.

Two people are making a life long commitment to each other in front of their carefully assembled friends and family. Guests should be there to witness this union, this sacred bond being spoken by two people who are important in the lives of everyone assembled. If you have your nose in a phone or camera, you aren’t “there”.

I am so thankful to all of the many couples that have chosen us to capture their special day.


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