How do you give back?

I recognize that many of us are trying to build our businesses. We use all of the resources available to us to handle our marketing. We put advertisements in print, we email and blog, we manage our websites but what do we do to give back to our communities?

Networking in our communities is an important way to give back. I don’t necessarily mean giving your services away but how about participating in a proceed sharing opportunity with a local volunteer fire department or ambulance corp? Participating in an event where the proceeds go to serve an amazing cause? How about becoming involved in your local business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or service organization such as Rotary?

These are typically free or relatively inexpensive opportunities that have potential to payback in many ways. Give it a shot!

Here is one the I am particularly proud to be a part of and as a result of my commitment have been designated a preferred vendor and the featured photographer of the event with exclusive rights to photographing at the event.


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