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Your wedding is possibly one of the biggest events you will ever plan. You may spend months or even years preparing for your special day. There are a lot of things you have to prepare for. Choosing a photographer should be a fun rewarding experience and one of the few that helps reduce wedding stress. Finding the right photographer is like finding a dress – you must have a perfect fit.

Just like each wedding is a special unique event, each photographer has his or her own personality and style. To find your perfect photographer, first start by finding a local photographer where your wedding will be held. Ask friends and family to recommend the photographer they hired. Your wedding planner will also be a valuable resource and have relationships with several local photographers.

The next thing to do is schedule interviews with a few of your favorite photographers. Narrow down your choice to one photographer by comparing their photography style, portfolios, pricing and how your personalities mesh. Your photographer should make preparing for your wedding easier. By getting to know your photographer through consultations, planning and pre-wedding sessions, you will both begin to understand and agree on the best way to approach your wedding photography. Make sure your photographer provides a professional contract and you both agree on all terms.

It is your photographer’s responsibility to capture all the special moments and nuances of your wedding day. You can help your photographer by clearly communicating all your ideas and wishes relating to your photos well before the wedding.

A few other things to keep in mind when planning your photography sessions:

– The bride and groom should take photographs with your photographer before the ceremony. This will save time after the ceremony and before your reception starts.

– Photos taken after the ceremony with the wedding party, friends and family should be taken in the same general area.

– Designate one family member or friend to gather everyone for photos to help the photo session stay on schedule.

– Photos of the bride and groom are the most important and you want to take several different photos in different places. However, keep in mind the further apart your locations are, the more time before your reception can start.

– Always provide hors d’ouvres for your guest waiting at the reception hall while your
photos are being taken.

– While the photographer is taking photos, ask guests to refrain from taking photos as well. Not only will the people in the photo be distracted, the photographer may have to spend extra time retaking photos that become distorted by flashes from other cameras.

– Your chauffeur should always have a detailed list of all your photography locations and times. You don’t want to be without your chariot!

Last but not least, it is your wonderful wedding day. You should follow the advice of your photographer, relax and enjoy the day. Your emotions will show in your photographs. Remember, your wedding
photographs are memories to last a lifetime.

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