Family…so important…memories need to be recorded

Our annual “Girl’s Weekend” is concluding…..

I have spent the last several days with two of my three(3) sisters, two nieces, one niece in law and her daughter. The event started by traveling from the Finger Lakes area New York to Bethany Beach, De with one sister and one of my nieces. My other niece flew in from the Houston area in Texas. Simple trip for my niece in law and her daughter from Elkton, Md. We are all present by mid to late afternoon on Friday. Let the fun begin!

We all needed to eat immediately because that is what we do best and often…there was pizza, cheese and crackers, cookies, pie, fudge etc. Immediately following lunch we headed to the beachfront area. This is where I pick up the family favorite Fishers Carmel Corn. My eldest grand daughter is at home waiting for it. We did some shopping in the local shops then went to visit the beach. Beautiful day.

Once back to my sisters home, we broke into the weekend craft project…I was pleased with my project…great idea for my book club gifts! I hope you like it ladies!

The day ended with stories, laughs and more food!


Day2 – I started my day by completing over 7,700 steps and taking photos around the area my sister lives. Then it is off to shopping in Lewes, the first town in the first state in the United States. We enjoyed some history of the community as well as some more eating! We headed home around 4pm to rest up for our dinner at a local restaurant.

sister_and_niece sister_and_niece_in_law tombstone_in_lewes_original_cementary

We went out to a local italian restaurant and enjoyed our meal and company then headed home to our pajama contest. My niece in law and I tied for first place but my sister from California called her vote in on Sunday and declared me the lone winner!


Day 3…church and more shopping! Some go home…afternoon of football and snacks. The rest of us will head home tomorrow.

This story would not be nearly as interesting without the insert of photographs. Family, memories and photographs are so important to writing/capturing your story.

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