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Change in Focus-My Journey in Photography-episode 6-part 1

All Aboard! 

This was an amazing adventure…train trip across our country! The first part of this adventure is about the actual train ride. I boarded the train in Rochester, NY and departed in Salt Lake City, Utah. One thing to remember about train travel is that you are responsible for carrying/moving your own luggage…pack accordingly! Eating on the train had some alternatives, bringing your own (remember you will be carrying this), snack bar, formal dining room and of course at the some of the various stops.

Stage one of my trip was travel to Chicago, where I would change trains. I left Rochester late at night, hoping to sleep so that I could enjoy my first day of travel enjoying the sites.(images taken from moving train window)

Once in Chicago, I switched to the California Zypher, which travels through Denver to Salt Lake City. Stopped in Denver prior to heading up the mountains.

Traveling the mountains from Denver to Salt Lake was interesting. At one point we needed to travel though a tunnel in the mountain. Due to a coal train passing us in the opposite direction, we needed to pull off the main track and wait. Once we were allowed to travel through the tunnel, we were not allowed to pass through the cars as the train needed to be sealed so the coal dust could not enter our train. I learned that the rules on the train were strictly enforced, if you broke a rule you were removed from the train at the next stop and not allowed to continue. Depending on the offense, the authorities were waiting for your departure. (I saw a couple picked up at one of our stops!)

After several days, I arrived in Salt Lake to continue by adventure!

Stay tuned for the next stage of my trip!






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