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Change in Focus – My Journey in Photography, episode 4

Venturing Out on My Own

By 2013, I had decided if I was going to see this country I was going to need to venture out on my own and so it began! It started with a trip down the east coast. I started by visiting my sister’s new home in Deleware. (Bethany Beach)…we spent most of our time at the beach because it was so hot…we could stand in the ocean and still be hot! 

Next stop on my way down the coast, Chesapeake Bay Bridge… I do not remember ever actually traveling the bridge so I did. I stopped and watched a fisherman bring in a sea bass (so I was told as I am not a fisherman). It took quite a while…the fish was huge!

Next stop, Virginia Beach…no real plans as to what I was going to do. Looking over my options, I decided to sea kayak (I had been kayak on the Erie Canal and the Finger Lakes so …) It started out fine but as time passed, it became more difficult…I guess I forgot about current, waves etc. The highlight was a momma dolphin and her baby drafting along side my kayak for quite a while…sorry no images. First stop after that adventure was the drug store to get something to deal with aching muscles. Started the next day with a beautiful sunrise.

Moving down the coast to my final destination, the Outer Banks. The first wrong thing I almost did was drive onto the beach! (got on the wrong road to my destination) I went there to see the wild horses so I signed up for a jeep tour the next day, proved to be successful.

Looking back, this was a successful first solo adventure…just the beginning…stayed tune to see more adventures.

Mary Beth Lovejoy, photographer

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