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Change in Focus – My Journey in Photography, episode 3

Making the Most of Every Trip

Maybe it is just my type A personality but making the most of every adventure is a must for me.  I was attending a conference in Phoenix, my flight home was the red-eye. I decided at the last minute to make a trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Just right next door right? I jumped in my car late the night before I was leaving. My goal was to view sunrise at the Grand Canyon…

  Grand Canyon sunrise      Sedona Rock

When I traveled to Salt Lake City I enjoyed hiking, visiting Salt Lake, Antelope Island, Snow Bird Mountain and went up in a hot air balloon. It was an amazing trip.

View from our balloon was amazing…looking down at ballons below and the view of the land are just a few images of what I saw from my balloon. The third picture is actually an illusion. The sun was actually behind a cloud reflecting off Salt Lake creating the illusion. The sunrise from the top of Snow Bird Mountain was beautiful. The center two image were taken while hiking.

Looking back at these images reminds me of all the beautiful places our country has to see and how many I have seen and how many more I have to look forward to visiting. My grand daughters gave me a map to scrape off all the states I visit. I will be picking up another state this fall if all goes well!

I hope you are enjoying this trip as much as I am.

Mary Beth Lovejoy, Photographer




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