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Change in Focus-My Journey in Photography-episode 6-part 1

All Aboard!  This was an amazing adventure…train trip across our country! The first part of this adventure is about the actual train ride. I boarded the train in Rochester, NY and departed in Salt Lake City, Utah. One thing to remember about train travel is that you are responsible for carrying/moving your own luggage…pack accordingly! […]

Change in Focus – My Journey in Photography, episode 4

Venturing Out on My Own By 2013, I had decided if I was going to see this country I was going to need to venture out on my own and so it began! It started with a trip down the east coast. I started by visiting my sister’s new home in Deleware. (Bethany Beach)…we spent […]

Change in Focus

The past few years have been difficult for many of you, CoVid 19 has kept me from traveling as much as I would like. I have also recently been diagnosed with Rhuemetoid Arthritis. In my case it is affecting my hands and wrists. As you can image, this has a significant impact on my ability […]