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What about goals for 2015?

I have thought a lot about setting goals for 2015… …to loose weight/be more fit….always …to make more money in my photography business…always …to enjoy my life…always Those goals are all important but not stimulating. In 2014 I started a “gratitude jar”. Just a simple mason jar in which I placed notes for daily experience […]

Need more tips on taking holiday photos?

Move you subject at least 5-8 feet from your tree This is such an important tip!  Pulling your subjects away from their background creates dimension and also helps bring focus onto the person rather than the distractions that may be happening in the background. Summary:  Do not sit someone close to the tree.  A background becomes […]

Did you know November 29th is Small Business Saturday? Lovejoy Photography and Heritage Maker does!

At Lovejoy Photography and Heritage Maker, we’re big supporters of our local community of Rochester, NY. That’s why we encourage you to shop small this Saturday, November 29th, for Small Business Saturday. By shopping small, you: Directly support your community: For every $100 spent, $68 stays in your ​local economy Encourage job growth: Small businesses have created […]